Review: Cowgirl Lessons

Cowgirl Lessons
Written by Rae Rankin
Illustrated by J-san

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“A fun read for any girl who has ever wished for a pony.”

Cowgirl Lessons shows a day in the life of a girl taking horse-riding lessons. Told in simple rhymes and with adorable illustrations, Cowgirl Lessons is a fun read for any girl who has ever wished for a pony.

James Patterson said, “There’s no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books.” Getting interesting and engaging stories in front of our reluctant readers is no easy task. Certainly, Rankin’s Cowgirl Lessons shows appeal to a wide demographic: all those girls who ever looked at horses with stars in their eyes. The story is short and easy to follow, with detailed images that help struggling readers using context clues. Paired with the simple a-a-b-b rhyming, the language and illustration make this a fun read for any hesitant reader.

What child hasn’t picture what it would be like to ride a horse? The main character takes readers on an exciting adventure as a student taking horse lessons, allowing readers to see their fantasies come to life. The lead character shows courage, discipline, and love as she cares for her animal and follows instructions from her teacher. Best yet, she shows kids that it’s okay to get their hands (and bodies and faces!) dirty.

If your reader is interested in horses, I recommending giving Cowgirl Lessons a read. It is a fun story that will make your children excited to dive into the world of literature.


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